The benefits of air-cooled laser tubes versus water-cooled tubes

Business owners and technicians in Richmond, Virginia and nearby areas who have invested in laser engravers and related tools are often faced with different choices that matter to their business. For example, they need to choose the right brands and providers of laser engravers, cutters and engraving parts. What to select between Chinese, European or American-made laser cutters and parts? Finally, many business owners are torn between the air cooled and the water-cooled laser tubes. These questions actually make sense, and making the right selection can make the difference between success and failure in the business.

Water-Cooled Tubes Are Cheap But Can Pose Some Problems

If acquisition cost is the main factor in selecting laser tubes, then surely many business owners in Richmond, Virginia will get the water-cooled tubes. These are cheaper and readily available in the market. These tubes may be cheap, but keep in mind that these are filled with problems. In some water-cooled tubes, the water should be pumped using the jacket that can be found within the tube itself. The steady flow of water will keep the laser tube cool provided that there’s an easy way to keep the temperature at the same level. There are chillers available in the market but these can be pricey. A cheap way to keep the laser tubes cool is by placing ice into the bucket of water. This can be a tiring task to do since you need to replenish the ice every time.

A worthy alternative to water-cooled laser tube is the air-cooled laser tube. Though this tube will cost times more than the average air cooled tube, at least this can lasts 10 times longer. There’s no way to estimate the life expectancy of laser tubes but you can limit some of the problems if you tap into a more reliable (though even costly) solution like the air-cooled laser tube.